Custom Fireplace and Mantel

Our reclaimed wood mantels

Live Edge Wood Slabs

We Specialize in:
Unique Live Edge Hardwood Slabs

Crafted by nature, our slabs are one-of-a-kind with each piece having unique characteristics.

Ready for Tabletops, Benches, Bar top, Shelving, Counter Tops and Mantels

Sourced locally, our trees are taken down due to old age, storm, and construction - otherwise ending up as firewood or mulch.

• We do all of our own milling/custom widths

• From small end cuts to long longths, our slabs are one of a kind and 100% Organic

• We cut Live Edge Wood Slabs daily

We Offer:

• Kiln Dried, Slabs and Skins, Rough Sawn, Planed, Sanded, or Fully Finished

Wood Types:

• Maple, Ash, Walnut, Cherry, Yellow Birch, Pine