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Our reclaimed wood mantels

Our Wood

Crafted by nature in the old growth forests that once covered Ontario.

With the end of the 1800's came the end of the old growth forests and logging boom. The original old growth forests produced very slow growing trees with up to 65 growth rings per inch. The resulting tightness of grain gives unsurpassed strength and durability, as well as greater depth of colour and intensity of figure not found in any contemporary woods. Wavy, curly grains are unique but commonly found in old growth forests.

The only old growth timber that was left, was timber destined for the construction of barns, mills and outbuildings. These woods have been waiting silently to be re-discovered and reclaimed for new use such as mantels, decorative shelves and live edge slab wood.

Salvaged through demoloition, the very fingerprints of nature been beautfully restored into every mantel we create.